Screen is tipped on its side when opening an app

I tried the rotation option in emtaria options but that didn't help.

The orientation is normal on home page and settings pages but when an app is opened everything flips sideways.

Any way to remedy this?

The visual display is my desktop monitor with vga>hdmi adaptor if that is pertinent.


  • Is every application is affected or only a specific one? In latter case it is probably the setting of this particular application, which enforces a specific screen orientation.

  • All.

    On a different android image I used in the past when you open an app the screen wouldn't tip it would just go small and be chopped with black screen either side.

  • I can confirm this. I have installed emteria on a raspberry PI 3B, and through google i installed an app called "denver-ipc" which displays an IR securitycamera. everything is fine until i start the app, the orientation goes sideways, BUT when i touch the camera and get full screen image, the orientation is normal again.

  • Hmm how could I do the same without a camera :)?

  • We will include a new setting for orientation locking with emteria.OS v0.5.7.

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    How > @kalkov said:

    We will include a new setting for orientation locking with emteria.OS v0.5.7.

    Has it been released yet? I can't tell the version on the website since it just says installer. Didn't see an indication of version. How to check version before downloading?

  • same Problem here , some App's tipp the screen from alone

  • Navigate to Settings -> Emteria. You will find both, an option for orientation locking and the current platform version. The latest available version is shown below the RPi title on our landing page.

  • Thanks works great :)

  • Thanks here too. Great to see devs listening to the voice of the people :)

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