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I'm developing an app where I need to use the speech to text offline function.
I installed the google app (to have the google quicksearch box so I can use the speech recognizer api) but when I try to install the offline language pack, in the relative settings menù, it's possible to download only an old version of offline language pack (version 2).
Is there a way to install an upgraded offline language pack? (the actual version in my smartphone is 302).



  • Hi Massimo,

    Sorry, I have no idea. Maybe it requires some kind of hardware support or additional GApps packages?

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    Hi kalkov,

    Thanks for the response. I finally find a solution by installing the Open Gapps App (an open-source effort to script the automatic generation of up-to-date Google Apps packages). This is the link:
    After installing it i could install the Google app directly from the playstore (signin in with a Google account). With this procedure the system now is able to download the updated language pack.
    The system now needs a little more time to start-up (i think for load all the Google services) but it seems to works! :smiley:

  • Now i have another question:
    It is possible to use the system for commercial use (by acquiring the Basic Licensing for Emteria OS) with the Open Gapps packet installed? (or i need to buy an extra license)


  • We deliberately don't include OpenGApps by default, since we don't want to bother with Google licensing. We can only confirm for our own work that you can use emteria.OS for commercial purposes after purchasing a license. And we can also offer you discounts if you plan to buy multiple licenses at once.

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