Release Notes

I'm looking for the release notes for the more recent emteria releases. Are they published online somewhere?


  • The installer gives you a very brief summary for the newest release, but I would also be interested in more detailed incremental release notes.

  • We have an internal TODO for this, but we are not yet sure about the implementation. As Sander said, we show the release notes in the installer and in the update application. We could also add a device-specific page for each supported hardware platform with a full list of all release notes, but it is rather complex. We are open to any suggestions on how it should look like.

  • Hi!

    Unfortunately we often have the issue that Emteria on our Raspberry Pi is rebooting and now we realized that it seems that this is appears for the latest version 0.5.8. Version 0.5.7 is much more stable and while checking what the bugfixes are, we're lost. So are the any details of the various versions and what have been fixed from one version to the other?


  • @kalkov: For both Android Things and Win IoT Core the release notes are written per released version and simply contain device-specific sections in known issues and resolved issues. As long as the provided functionality is intended to be the same on all target devices I think this is a sensible choice.

  • We are currently switching our architecture to beta/stable releases. For beta releases, there will be a auto-generated log based on the release notes included in the installer / update application (probably in 1-2 months). The main problem is that we reuse the core for all supported devices, but the low-level code (BSP) changes. We don't have a good plan for merging all those development paths. It would be great, if we could do it automatically in order to reduce the overhead.

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