Activated License, still rebooting with evaluation watermark on lower right of screen.

I purchased a license and went through the activation process using my Emteria account. My account now shows that the license is in use, but it still thinks it is the evaluation version and says it will reboot. Have I missed a step?


  • Did you reboot after the activation?

  • Yes, I did reboot several times. When I check the license manager, it shows the activation was successful. It then pops up the message explaining that it is an evaluation version, not for commercial use and will reboot in 8 hours.

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    Strange, this shouldn't happen. You are the first one reporting this issue.
    Could you please try removing the license, rebooting and trying again? The process is: License Manager -> Settings -> Clear License Data -> Home (don't use back button) -> Reboot -> License Manager

  • That fixed it!

    Thanks for your assistance.

  • You are welcome. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    I suppose the data was corrupted during the first transfer.

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