Screen freezes after several seconds or I am not able to interact anymore with the device

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After starting Android the screen starts freezing after a few seconds or after 10 minutes, I am not sure if it freezes or if I am not able to interact with the device anymore. I tried with a Keyboard, Mouse and Gamepad and the problem comes up every time.

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  • I have the same problem too, I using raspberry pi 3b. Can't navigate with my mouse or keyboard, after left it idle for some times. I have to reboot the whole device to make it work normal again.

  • I noticed that it helps when you dis- and reconnect your control device. but this can not be the solution

  • I had tried unplug and plug in my device, it's not work. mine are logitech wireless mouse and keyboard device.

  • Yeah, the same prob with for me? Is there any support team of this os, coz noone replies

  • We can't reproduce this issue so far :( Did you check the logs? We will be happy to fix the problem, but we have to know what that is :disappointed:

  • I am experiencing the same freeze-up. How do you suggest checking the logs on a frozen RPi3 ?? When left to sit, it does not ever seem to come back, even after a couple of hours of being left alone. Suggestions ??

  • Well, for example you can connect a serial-to-usb adapter and continuously poll the log while the device is running. If this is a recurring issue, we may have a chance to see what was happening before. Other option is ADB via Ethernet, which allows pulling the logs and shows you either the whole device is frozen or just the screen output. I have my RPi3 running for more than 4 days now and its still working fine. If you know how I can reproduce the freezing, please let me know.

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