Emteria OS and USB Camera

I've installed OS on raspberry. I have usb headset. I plugged it - sound and mic is ok.
Besides I have USB camera, but it doesn't work. When i start standart camera app - it tells me that it's impossible to connect to camera.
Besides, it doesn't work in Skype.
But when i install USB Camera app - it works properly.
What's wrong???


  • The Android Camera APIs require lower-level access to the camera than is available through USB. As such, we can't make USB cameras available as a generic camera in Android - only through special apps for accessing USB cameras.

    The Raspberry Pi camera module has experimental support in emteria.OS as a standard Android camera.

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    You can't do usb-cameras support as standart option, right?
    And only one camera which is supported by default - is raspberry pi camera module?

  • @schake How about https://android.googlesource.com/platform/hardware/libhardware/+/master/modules/camera/3_4/ ?
    It remains unclear to me though how this would work side-by-side with the current MIPI CSI implementation.

  • Hello,
    I'm trying to use my USB Camera (Logitech C270). On my Android-Smartphone it works well with an App called USB Camera PRO. When I install this APP on Emteria OS I can use the camera, but I cannot record any Video. The APP recognizes my camera, but says "Unable to record Video on this device.' On a normal Android-Smartphone everything works well.
    Could you add support for this camera or this app, please? Or has anyone a working app that supports recording videos with a usb camera on Emteria OS?

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    Hi @Sascha ,
    Are you able to make Whatsapp video calls using that Logitech USB camera?

    Edit: sorry, i didn't read previous replies .... only RPi camera module is supported.

  • Oh. Didn't know that. Thanks. So no chance in using my C270 with Emteria OS. I'm going back to Raspbian, because I need to use my C270 for recording.

  • @Sascha, can you upload a bugreport after seeing that error message in the app?

  • Got a new webcam. Trying with this one now. If it is still not working, I'll post a bugreport.
    Thanks for your answer.

  • My new webcam doesn't work either. Where can I find the bugreport?

  • Please reboot your device and start the app again. After you see the error message, close the app and navigate to Settings -> Emteria -> Bugreport

  • Is there any plan to add USB camera support to Emteria? I'm trying to use Zoom video conferencing which installs just fine on Emteria/pi but I can't get the USB camera to work. The Zoom app asks if it can use the USB device and I say yes, but the camera still never loads. I'm guessing this is because Emteria is only looking for the pi camera. Just curious if anyone knew about future support on the horizon, or if I shouldn't hold my breath. Thx.

  • I don't know a way to support both USB and CSI cameras side-by-side. I'm sorry, but I don't believe we can add this anytime soon.

  • I don't own a pi camera or even have one attached, so I was thinking USB only if I had a choice. :smile: The OS seems to only look for the pi camera though. Thank you for your reply!

  • Video recording is not supported I think.

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