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Video Playback MX Player and "Full brightness control"


It's nice to have the "Full brightness control", option under Raspberry Pi settings and again be able to control screen brightness.
The only thing is with this option set whenever I play a video using MX Players the whole screen just goes black (you can hear the sound playing so it seems to be actually doing it).

I'm using the official touch screen.

Can this be fixed or is it a choice between screen brightness control and video feedback?



  • Is the MX Player decoder set to the SW mode? I tried to play a lot of videos, but it does not work in HW or HW+ decoder.

  • It is in HW+ mode. I thought I was maybe getting some benefit CPU load wise from being in this mode.

    It does play in SW mode.
    Interestingly since being in SW mode it is playing in HW mode too. Weird.....

  • We didn't test it with MX Player yet. So it is working now?

  • As has been said, only in the SW decoder. If you need to play videos of a higher quality (>= 720p) smoothly, you mau need add force_turbo = 1 to config.txt.

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