Touchscreen pointer

Hello i have a touch screen bought by ebay
but then i connect i have a mouse pointer and it don't work that a touchscreen

have you a idea?
best regards


  • Hello,

    anybody have a idea for my probleme?

    best regards

  • You need to at least give us some specifics on the display model you are using. If you plug in the touchscreen through USB, it could be that it reports itself as a mouse - then you will get a mouse pointer on Android.

  • Hello
    my touchscreen is diy:
    https: // hash = item27cf47d34e

    and when I plug it recognized as as a mouse and not a touchscreen

    thank for your help
    best regards

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    In that case the touch screen you bought reports itself as a USB mouse to the system and so it shows up as a mouse cursor on Android. It's a resistive touchscreen anyway (so no multi-touch, slow to respond, needs calibration) - I wouldn't recommend using that for Android. What you want is a capacitive touchscreen.

  • the problem is that my screen is already integrated in my car. how can i make it to recognize it in touchscreen?

  • I just bought a generic resistive touchscreen on eBay like you. It works out-of-the-box. I didn't need to do anything. Have you tried to connect it on another computer to see if yours is broken ?

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