issues with "Brain Dots" on raspi3

Hello together,
I've some problems with the little Game "Brain Dots" on my raspi3 with raspi 7 inch touchscreen running the actualy emteria os.
Running the game often cause hanging screens or perhaps total crashes? The only thing, witch still works is a reboot by "ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del" when I connect an USB Keyboard. I wish to send a bugreport, but with hanging screen it is unpossible.
The hangs are not 100% reproduceable. In most cases it happens after successfully solving an exercise. At this point, some times a comercial is inserted. But the screen also stucks at other situations running the game.
It happens very often, so it's easy to reproduce.
Other Apps making no problems and there are no hardware issues!

Anyone an idea?
Greetings, Jörg

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