Dab Radio

I have installed both wavesink trial and welleio but neither of them pick up any stations, running the same apks on my android 8 phone works fine and I have installed the rtlsdr driver, it feels like there is something extra needed to get this to work but I don't know what that is. Any help would be gratefully received as if I could get this to work I would have no hesitation in purchasing a licence


  • I don't know much about DAB format, but don't you need some extra hardware for receiving those signals? At least the official documentation says you would require a separate driver (https://github.com/albrechtl/welle.io#android) and a DVB-T dongle (https://github.com/AlbrechtL/welle.io/blob/master/RASPBERRY-PI.md#hardware-requirements).

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    I have the rtl2832r drver and the usb dongle which both work on my phone but for some reason it doesn't work on Emteria, the software will boot up, which it won't do unless the driver and dongle are present, but it doesn't pick up any stations but if I sit in the same place and use my phone it picks everything up, I've tried both welleio and wavesink, was hoping I could use this instead of buying and android dab headunit but if I can't use this is to do that then I guess I'll just have to get a new headunit

  • Well, in this case you probably have to look into the system logs and check for errors. As we don't have the required hardware here, we can't debug this issue.

  • I am using a Terratec Cinergy T-Stick+ (Plus) (RTL2382U) with Wavesink and the RTL-SDR driver. It works fine. It is important to have a good antenna. --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZT61a4WVwQ

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