Lock screen?


I have enabled the lockscreen (swipe, pin, ...) and a screen timeout (15s, 30s), but the lock screen never appears... What's wrong?

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  • Does the timeout work? Are you able to activate your device after it turns off the display?

  • Yes, screen gets „dark“, after touching the brightness goes to original value, but no lockscreen. So if I touch an icon on the dark screen, this app lounch

  • "Dark" isn't off... Its just saving energy. On a smartphone, the lockscreen only appears after turning off the screen. However, I think there is no way to turn it on again :(

  • lockscreen is working, but you'll have to enable debugger options and disable "keep active" (while charging, which is always), seems it'S enabled by default...

  • Try removing the timer and then reapply but keep changes, as am facing the same issue so sometimes this way works for me.

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    Xovo larjem

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