FB login in darts connect app (Solved)

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Hi all,

I use emteria OS on my PI 3 for my darts.

I've the Darts Connect target and the app with the same name.

Thanks too this, I will be able to play online but I need to login me with a FB account.

I can log me but the proccess to connect never finish. So i can't connect. It written "Proccessing Facebook login..", I wait 2hours or more, it's the same thing.

I already ask to darts connect community but they don't know too.

So, I search some help here. If you have some issues, I will try everything.

Thanks a lot, Have a good day.

JulienMhs - France


  • Is your internet connection working? Check your date & time.

  • I just solved my problem, I installed the pico version of google play thank to open gapps ang it's work.
    Thanks for your fast aswer and excuse me for this useless topic :)

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