How to use system capacity is strange.

When I put 119GB SD card with OS installed in Raspberry Pi, for some reason 94GB was used as system capacity from the beginning. I think it strange to use 94 GB on the system. Does anyhow have any good ideas because I want to use 4 to 5 GB out of 94 GB as the system storage and use the remaining capacity as the user capacity?
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    The system size is 2GB, there is an unallocated space on your microSD card.
    You can use Gparted to extend/resize your data partition to be able to make use of that unallocated space.

  • The installer can't currently create the userdata partition to always fill up all remaining space on the SD card. So it will create a smaller partition and everything that is left unused is shown by Android as "used".

    As roxette suggests, you can use a tool like gparted to expand the last partition to fill up the card.

  • HI @schake,
    Is there any new release coming soon?.

  • Yes, it will be today with a bunch of bugfixes (GPU memory leaks, update problems, video playback, security patches and others). We also have an idea for module-based extensions, which will probably enable VNC support. But that will probably take a couple of weeks.

  • Thanks Igor,
    I will wait till VNC is fixed. :smile:

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    @roxette @schake
    thank you for your answer. How can I deal with this case? There was not unallocated capacity.

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    That red circle with the exclamation mark on your data partition means that you have an unallocated space on that partition.

    I had that too as in previous screenshot but it's now fixed.

    Can you double click on your data partition then post a screenshot?

    By the way, that screenshot you posted is after you expanded your data partition?

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    @roxette said:
    By the way, that screenshot you posted is after you expanded your data partition?

    The screenshot you posted is the screenshot before extending the data partition.
    When I tried to take a screenshot as I was told by roxette, I found a document to be a hint at the lower left, so I was able to solve it when I ran it. Thank you very much.@roxette @schake

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