Emteria in sleep mode?

I just loaded Emteria and was able to access play store via yalp and down load touchdro. Which did start, I need to get the arduino and igauges working now. For fun I downloaded Solataire from fdroid and was playing it. I left for a while, about 15 minutes, and when I returned and the mouse and keyboard did nothing. I then noticed an owl icon in the upper left corner. Does this mean emteria is in "Sleep mode"? And, if so, how do I get it out of it?
Rpi 3 with mouse, keyboard and lcd monitor, no touch screen.



  • Hi alfred,

    There is no "sleep mode" in emteria.OS. And there shouldn't be any owl icons. Maybe it was a raspberry icon (same as in the settings)? In that case it could mean your CPU temperature is critical.

    Please check the CPU utilization with your apps. If they generate too much load on the CPU and you don't provide appropriate cooling, the system will behave unpredictably. It may freeze or reboot or get slow and kill all the applications to prevent hardware damage. This explains the freeze you have described in another thread (I have removed it, since it is related to this topic - you are free to complain about the OS, but please try to limit it to a constructive criticism).

    There were other sources of freezing (see https://forum.emteria.com/discussion/310/raspberry-hangs-reboots#latest), but it should be fixed in the latest release.

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