Graphics Performance

Are there any known issues with graphics performance?

Note: I'm new to PI but my understanding is a PI Model 3 is plenty fast enough to run NES/SNES emulators at 60fps

And, yet I installed Emteria and tried to run an extremely minimal 2D Unity game. Sure I understand that unity might not be the most performance engine yet the game is literally 5 smalls sprites. Even a game written in interpreted BASIC should be able to hit 60fps at that level of simpleness.

So, that's got me wondering if the issue is with Emteria, with Unity, with PI in general.

  • Are there any graphic demos that run at 60fps on en Emteria?
  • Is there a benchmark I can download?
  • Are there settings I should tweak for better perf?
  • Is Emteria doing anything special that eats perf - eg: compositing the app instead of letting it render directly to the screen and if so is there a way to let the app draw directly to the screen?

Note: My PI is connected to a 4K TV via HDMI. Emteria seems to be drawing a 1280x720 screen centered in a 1920x1080 screen and of course the "for evaluation purposes only" is composited on the screen.

I'm hoping to use Emteria to create some kiosk hardware but I need to see it work before purchase real licenses.


  • i'm not sure if the graphic drivers in use give any hardware acceleration, if thats the case and theres no HW Acceleration, that'll be the cause.

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