primitive ftp problems

TGhis is just a Emteria problem. i am trying to got fpt working so I can transfer files to my Acer tablet running KIt-Kat. I installed primitive ftp on the tablet and tried ftp://:12345 and connected and got the file listing. But, fireFTP no longer works on firefox and you cannot upload files. So, let's just use good old ftp on the Linux machine. Nope, doing

ftp :12345

I get :12345 Name of service not known
To test I install primitive ftp on RP 3 running Emteria, but same results. Firefox connects ok, but command line ftp gives same error. So, this looks like a primitiive ftp and android problem.
I can connect using ftp to another RP 2 print/file (Raspian) server running proftpd just fine.

Anybody got any ideas?



  • THe editor kicked out my reference to ip address. They should be ftp://"ip":12345 and ftp "ip":12345


  • Problem solved. Use
    ftp 12345
    Leave out ":" and use space instead.


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