Remote Updates

I have systems that are requesting updates but I am only seeing a way to run these by clicking at the interface in person. Is there a way to kick the upgrades off remotely via SSH or some other method?


  • Hi John,

    Not yet. We have this feature in our TODO list, but we didn't came to actually implementing it. Does the update process have to stay hidden in your case, or would it be sufficient to start the update application from the SSH and letting it perform all the steps automatically?

  • @kab, starting with emteria.OS 0.5.17 there will be a way to start the full update process from the shell (ADB or SSH):

    am start -n com.emteria.update/.ui.UpdateActivity --ez "autoupdate" 1

  • Sorry for the late reply. The process can display on the screen. No problem. I just don't want to drive out to the locations to push updates!

    Glad to hear about the update command. I will note it in my documentation and utilize that in the future. Thank you!

  • I just wanted to leave some feedback on this.

    I was able to initiate a remote update using that command but all it does is start the download. It still requires someone to physically click a button to actually initiate the upgrade. If it could be fully automated that would be useful to me. Thanks!

  • Hey @kab,

    Yes, this was the case during our beta test in older version. The version 0.5.21 should also include rebooting and installing as part of the automated process.

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