Acme Systems CM3-PANEL

Is there any plan to support Acme Systems new CM3-PANEL? It's rather inexpensive and compact:


  • It looks pretty cool. We already support a similar CM3-based board ( and don't plan adding other boards at own cost. However, if you are working on a commercial project, please contact me directly and we will evaluate the possibilities. Additionally, we can contact the manufacturer (maybe even together?) and see if they would like to support our developments - if this product is interesting for the industry and we can share the cost in some way, we are interested in supporting it.

  • I just guessed that the effort would be fairly limited and that it might be an interesting
    alternative for hobbyists who don't like the official RPi+Display combo. (The DataDisplay product is rather expensive as a one-off buy)

    IMHO Emteria is an interesting proposition for hobbyists and for prototyping. But it kinda stops there.

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    Yes, you are right. While it is very interesting indeed, we have a couple of other projects in the pipeline so the main problem is the lack of resources. I think it will take several weeks to extend our infrastructure for the new board, but it would be great to have a real project to cover the development cost (at least partially).

    Do you already have one of those boards? I can imagine it could actually boot with our Artista image.

  • Sorry, I don't have a corresponding project nor do I have that Acme product. I only use Emteria for prototyping.

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