Faster MicroSD Card: R/W speed or More IOPS?

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Being at the limit of the speed of my microSDs I came across an interesting article:

In the article are mentioned various types of MicroSDs with various acronyms and I was very impressed by the abbreviations A1 and A2 that are referred to IOPS or Input/Output for second that then points to another interesting article:

In the previous article we also talk about the abbreviations U1, U2 and U3, which refer to speed.
However, I have noticed from the attached comparative table that if the writing and reading speed of MicroSDs increases, then IOPS may not increase as well.
So the question arises:
Better a fast read/write MicroSD or a MicroSD with more IOPS?
I currently use a Toshiba MicroSD of category U3 and has no performance in IOPS. I have not noticed much difference with emteria.os compared to a category U1.
What do you think?


Here's a video that explains better than it is.

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