Evaluation version warning persists.

I have a license. Activation confirmation comes up. Warning does not go away.


  • Did you reboot the device after activating it?

  • Same problem, yes I rebooted - about 4 times...

  • What if you remove your account info from the Emteria settings and redo the full activation process?

  • @meach said:
    Same problem, yes I rebooted - about 4 times...

    The problem of Syntagm was that he activated emteria.OS on one raspberry pi and than moved the sdcard to another raspberry pi. This doesn't work.

    If you are using the same device you have originally activated emteria.OS, please navigate to Settings -> Emteria and submit a bug report. I'll check our database.

  • It did the same for me and I solved it that way, instead of using the app for recording containing in the "menu" I registered from the settings:

    Go to "menu" --> "settings" --> scroll to "Hemmy" --> "Activate this device".
    at this point put your data and wait for the confirmation of activation.
    When confirmation arrives, go back to the "menu" --> "power off" --> "reboot".

  • OK bug report submitted

  • @meach do you have multiple raspberry pis? The device id saved with your license doesn't match the device id from your bug report. As soon as the license is activated on one device, it cannot be used to activate another device.

  • Hi, so i understand correct that when my Raspi dies the Licence is Garbage? That is what happend to me. :-(

  • @rotigoos, I am sorry to hear that, but there is no technical way to reuse a license. I am working with my Pis every day for over 3 years now and not a single one of them died so far. I believe you that this can happen, but there is no way for us to check whether it is true or the user just tries to get another license for free. Or if the Pi was intentionally broken. This is why we are currently reducing prices for personal use (see our main page).

    Nevertheless, we always tryto help our customers. Could you please write an email to our support@emteria with a description of circumstances under which your Pi died? Please include some information about how it was used and which safety measures you have taken to prevent hardware destruction.

  • @rotigoos, by a pure chance I have just noticed in our logs that you have successfully activated your device just a couple of hours ago. So what exactly is wrong with your Pi?

  • Thanks for the replay, the Pi starts and after a few Minutes it crashes, no Heat Problem CPU at 42C , Problem for me solved, I bought a new Licence (The Price is right :smiley: )

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