White strokes on the screen when Display in Portrait mode.

display size and density settings are default. I use Full HD display.
When display is rotated by app there are white strokes on the bottom of the screen.
In Landscape mode there is no such problem.
I have tried to change resolution and density, nothing helped.
You can see how it looks here:


  • I think this is some kind of message. Something that looks like that happens to me but if I click twice on the strokes they disappear. However, videos played on netflix get out of sync

  • Thanks for reporting. We are researching what that might. The most probable answer: it is the watermark, which is usually on the right bottom side of the screen.

  • edited October 2017

    So is it the only thing that bothers you?
    Are you Okay with the missing navigation buttons? :smile:

  • Hello,
    Here is how to solve that issue,
    Go to Settings - Display - Display size
    Then move the slider to a smaller displays size
    It's how it worked for me as you can see in screenshot.


  • BTW: we have (finally!) have a long-term solution for the navigation buttons. It will be released tomorrow with a bunch of other important fixes.

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