IQ AUDIO DAC support

Hi, I need help getting the IQ AUDIO DAC to work with Emteria.
Does anyone know how to get this done?

I contacted the IQ AUDIO Devs and they said

" they should be able to pick up the necessary config files and include the IQaudIO driver files /sound/soc/bom and dac driver files /sound/soc/codec/pcm51xx"

I tried contacting the Emteria crew but there has been no response as yet.

Is this something i can do on my own?

Cheers, Bruce.


  • Hi Bruce, including additional drivers shouldn't be a problem. However, researching all the required steps, drivers and configuration options is, as our resources are quite limited.

    We ship many drivers compiled as modules in /boot/modules, so you can check if you can accomplish this by loading the required module at runtime. If it doesn't work, please let us know what exact steps are required and we will be happy to include them into the next release.

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    Hi thanks for the info. I found "snd-soc-iqaudio-dac.ko" in the modules folder.
    However i don't know how to load this module.

    When i follow the IQAUDIO instructions by disabling the Raspi audio and enabling the IQ audio dac with the following config entries.


    Audio fails to start, i get "unknown error 1" when trying to play from USB
    and local files fail to start in the music player as well.

    I installed spotify, It appear to play a song but i get no audio out from the RCA connectors.

    I appreciate the help, regards Bruce.

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