How to switch off the OS

I just downloaded this android os for my raspberry pi3 and installed successfully.

I have just two questions to start:

1) how do I switch off from android ? (I had to switch off the hardware)

2) how can I tranfer apk from one andro device to raspbarry? ( via usb I didn't succed)

Thank you. Very happy to have met you! This android os for my raspbarry pi3 was one of my dream.



  • 1) Use preinstalled "PowerOff" application
    2) Check out

  • Dooh! My raspberry is dead! It doesn't work anymore even with linux ( I have used linux for month with this hardware with no issues) I tryed android and I killed the hardware!

    How is it possible? Just becouse I turned off the power supply since I could not find any other way to swith off via software?

    Very bad! And a very sad Sanday for me!


  • Dear Alberto,

    I don't think it is caused by the software, as I am using emteria.OS on multiple devices for over a year now. Pulling the power cable might be dangerous, but I wouldn't expect it to kill the hardware. From my experience, electrostatic discharge is more likely to be dangerous, but we had this case only once.

  • Hi kakkov, thank you for your answer. No could not be electrostatic discharge, since the harware was securely closed inside its plastic box ( has been there ever since I did purchesed the board and the enclosure).

    Now I need to buy a new pi3 to continue to experiment with the android os.

    Could you please give me some tips on how to load on the pi3 my apk? ( tryed with the usb without any success)


  • OK, I finally got my new RBP3 board and tested with the with the Andro memory card. Everything seems working correctly and all the software I had downloaded prior the hardware failure is still there and working!

    Now I would like to buy the licence and keep everything as it is ( no new installation) How do I proceed?

    Thank you for the help.


  • I've seen in our database that you were successful with a purchase? Just in case somebody else also needs it:
    * the license can be purchased at our homepage
    * after the purchase, the activation code can be used in emteria.OS without new installation

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