unable to add my google account

if i try to add my google accout,
i can enter my name and password,
than i accept the terms of service and than it takes me back to the home screen,
it doesnt add the account to play services, i also tried this with other
Google apps like Play Store, Chrome and so on, on all appss the same behavior,
nothing changed,


PS: i previously had added my gapps and my account on 0.5.14, but it losts on an upgrade,
i skipped gapps on 0.5.15 till 0.5.17 and tried now with 0.5.18 with the above result


  • First of all: we don't provide support for third-party applications. However, AFAIK GApps are installed to the system partition, which is cleaned up during an upgrade. Maybe you will need to re-install them?

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