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I'm looking for a way to sync Google Contacts. I already tried to install the original "contacts" app from Google, but it won't let me log in to my account. It just doesn't work.
Any ideas?

Another way to achieve what I need is to be able to create a contact inside Emteria.OS from outside, like by triggering an API or something like this.

Thanks in advance


  • You should install OpenGapps, then from the playstore install google contacs.
    Google Contacs has dependencies.
    I suggest before installing the OpenGapps to pass everything on a class A1 or A2 microsd due to excessive access.

  • Hi,
    OK that worked as you described. Thanks for that!
    But yes, even on my A1 SD card the system is really slow after this, so that I barely can use it. Is there a way to uninstall the unneccessary components afterwards again? :)


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    You can use an application that freezes apps you don't use.
    I use "App Quarantine" that you can find on the playstore. Requires root rights.
    However, it is normal that it is a bit slow, I suggest you be patient and wait until it has finished synchronizing the contacts before going on with the use.

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