The only input device I have is a PS4 controller...

I have just tried booting up for the first time. I have had to survive with my Pi not having a keyboard and I have been able to use SSH via my Raspbian build. I get that this is going to be different on Android, I wanted to setup keyboard/mouse app to emulate real keyboard, but I think I gotta setup first.

The only input device I have is a PS4 controller, and when I try this it causes Em to power off. Any editing I can do of the scripts to make this work or anyway I can do this without needing to buy a KB/mouse?


  • I didn't understand, you're writing that as soon as you plug the PS4 USB Joypad into the raspberry it turns off?
    The power supply with which you feed the raspberry by how many amps is it?
    However, to make the best use of EmteriaOS you absolutely need a USB keyboard and mouse.
    I personally suggest you to buy a keyboard with multimedia trackball, they cost very little and the benefits from the sofa are many. :)

  • Well I want to setup a software KB and mouse from my Mac to use on it. But I certainly need one to setup first. I have at work that I can borrow. But I think you could also be right about the power. I have used my PS4 with RetroPi before and it was fine, howeve since then I have installed the Google AIY HAT. I might try removing that and see how I go.

  • SI disconnected the AIY HAT, reflashed the image, still shuts off. Looks like I'll need to wait for a KB and mouse from work tomorrow.

  • I think the PS4's outputs are 1 amp.
    I suggest you buy a good 2.5 amp power supply and don't use any charger.

  • So now that I have gotten a KB and mouse. I'm not impressed, but this is certainly a good go of it and is certainly limited by the hardware. I cant get barely more than 5 clicks before it's crashed. I've added gapps and my account, but by that point it crashes before I can open Play Store or it needs to run another performance check. Maybe if the Rpi4 comes with double ram. I have been able to install Bluestacks again, so I no longer have a need for this.

  • Does your MicroSD have the "AppPerformance 1" specification?

  • I didn't consider this. I've used it for other things on the RPi, such as a RetroPi console. You think my SD card is too slow? Well this would explain it, thanks I'll look into it.

  • @thefloody to verify that MicroSD has this specification you have to check if printed there is the acronym A1 or better still A2 (unfortunately these cards are still very expensive and very rare because they are not yet in production on a large scale).
    We have already talked a lot about it in another post:

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