SDmicro backup using Win32Imager (Win10)

Hi, trying to backup my SDmicro card, so that I have a good, stable, working licensed baseline to return to. 16gb SDmicro card shows up in Win32Imager as having 4 partitions, with 3 having drive letters under Win10. How do I image the SDmicro, so that I capture all the data in one image? If I need to use a Debian linux computer, I can do that too. Thank you and I really like Emteria Android.


  • Forgot to add that I have read I wish to keep the backup off of the original SDmicro card.

  • Maybe you just select the first drive? On Linux, you can just dd the whole physical drive. Just google for RPi sd backup - it is not emteria-specific.

  • Follow up to my own comments: 1. Problem is specific to Win10, as 3 drive letters are assigned to the SDmicro card (total 4 partitions). Win32Imager on Win7 functions properly and images the 16gb disk. Could someone verify this and maybe update the help page, if true. Thank you and will also do the dd on a linux machine.

  • I use ImageUSB on Windows 10 for this purpose. It will let you create an image of the entire SD-card instead of its individual partitions.

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