License file disappears after using cache cleaner app

Licensed Emteria Android on Raspberry Pi works ok and stays up for days. Problem is, when I use App Cache Cleaner (sideload from Google Play), it wipes the license and I am back in Evaluation mode. My application is a web cam monitor, and I need to clean the cache automatically (timed basis) to keep the web browser from overloading and crashing. Question is: where is the license file and can I write protect it, so that the cache cleaner does not wipe it? This is the app that I use:


  • The license data is in the system cache and I didn't know apps may clean it. There might be a simple way to protect it - I'll check it tomorrow.

  • On my Pi, that application doesn't work. After clicking on the trash icon, it only shows "Settings stopped". I was using the version 6.6.7.

    In any case, I understand that keeping the license data in cache is probably a bad idea. We will move it to another place in the next release.

  • Hi, back again. Any updates on the license data in the system cache? And how would I upgrade the version? Thank you.

  • @AndroidOnRPi
    I don't understand your question. We have moved license data to a different place, so there shouldn't be any issues with that starting with emteria.OS 0.7.0.

    You update either by doing a fresh install or via Settings -> Emteria -> Updates

  • I was having the same issue when using the Booster app. After doing a clean of the cache, I had to put in the license information again.
  • Which OS version?
  • I think it was version 0.7.0.
  • This shouldn't happen. Can you post all the steps required to reproduce this issue?

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