Error for update

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When I try to update the os itself it will pop an error up and say "version retrieval failed." I am unaware of what to do for I am brand new to using this os. Please help me!! ☹️

Update*apparently I had the wrong time so if this is the case for you make sure you have the right time.


  • Hello,

    How do you connect to the internet? Via LAN or WLAN? I experienced problems with update process when using WLAN so I use the LAN connection for updates. The install of updates works fine now. Why it did not work via WLAN I do not know. I could use the internet on the Pi3, but the Update did not work...

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  • @gsfx the problem for me was the little details such as having the wrong time zone and date in the UI. I had to go to date and time in the setting and find the time one and change it from the default to where my original time zone. I had no problems after that.

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