Disable of sleep funcion


I have emteria android (v.5.19) on RPi3b, 7 inch official display.
I was just trying the sleep and I set 30 minutes. Now I can't disable it, because there isn't a button for it.
I've tried a developer's mode and there turn on stay awake function, but it didn't help.
Now after 30 minuites the tablet goes black and is not reacting on touch. (I use it with scanner, no mouse or keyboard)

Is it possible to add a disable button to new version?

Thank you



  • Yes, this would be possible. However, we would like to avoid modifying system components (the settings application), since it would increase the amount of work required to merge latest updates and slow down the development. We could add this option to our emteria settings, but it won't be very obvious (users can set it in android settings, but remove it in our settings).

  • @Purkyt, I have just tested it with my Pi and the official screen, but it isn't turned off at all. Could you please name all settings you have modified and disable the screen saver (Settings -> Display -> Screen saver -> Off)?

  • I've found out, that maybe the problem is in application I use (logging out of pruction times). The screen goes black after random amount of minutes. The application is running though. It's not happening, when I'm not in application. Is it possible, that display is saving energy or is turning of due to high temperature or something like that?

    Thank you

  • Do you have ADB or SSH access (see https://help.emteria.com/kb/emteria-os-using-ssh-server) to the running device? We need to check the logcat output for details.

    I am not aware of any energy saving options. Does it also happen when other apps are running in foreground?

  • I'm sorry for my late answer. I set ADB access on one device with IP: Now the application is running and the screen went black as I mentioned. I'm going to let it running as long as you need.

    Other applications run without problem.

    Thank you for your help!

  • 1) Did you disable the screen saver (Settings -> Display -> Screen saver -> Off)?
    2) Reboot your device
    3) Wait for the device to boot
    4) Connect to ADB (adb connect
    5) Start the adb logcat output (adb logcat)
    6) Wait for the screen to go black
    7) Wait 1-2 minutes longer
    8) Send me a copy of that logcat output

    The reason for turning off the screen is usually printed somewhere in that log. If we understand the reason, we can do something against it :smile:

  • Ok, it's solved. I've just needed to add consoleblank=0 to cmdline.txt.
    At the end such a easy way.

    Thank you for help!

  • Thank you very much for sharing this. I didn't even know there is a such thing :smile:
    Maybe it is a good idea to include this option in emteria.OS by default, as an average user will probably be looking for disabling this in standard Android settings.

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