image quality with the original screen

Hello! I updated the OS and the image quality with the original screen worsened. Do you know that I can modify to return to the good definition? regards


  • It is due to the official VC4 video driver. There was another thread for this topic with more information. As soon as the official Linux tree will get the fix, we will update our release.

  • Thank you! while it is possible to download an earlier version?

  • Hello Kalkov! I downloaded the OS but the raspberry restarted permanently, I tried two different microSDs and the same thing happens. Should we change something in the config.txt file? I'm waiting for your help, thanks

  • Hey Fernando,

    we are aware of a bug that can cause some devices to be stuck in a boot loop as the kernel crashes binding to the graphics driver. This is fixed in the upcoming version which should be released some time in the next week.

  • Awesome :smile:

  • ok, thanks!

  • Hello Schake! could the permanent restart problem be solved when starting?

  • There is indeed a fix for that in the most recent version 0.4.3 - you can download it through the installer to see if it addresses the issue you've been seeing.

  • thanks, there I go!

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