Question regarding utilizing GPIO for IR blaster/receiver

Hi, I'm quite new here. Basically what I want to achieve is possible with Raspbian where I would build an IR blaster circuit and attach it to the GPIO pins. Now in Raspbian the flow is something like this; attach the IR blaster circuit to GPIO -> load IR blaster library -> configure GPIO pin to use for IR -> run script

As in android, there is an API for IR receiver. It's incomplete but should be enough to read incoming infrared signal and perform task. so the process would be simply load libraries and module for IR and let Android handle the rest.

Now how do I do this in Emteria/Android? Do I have to patch the image to include IR libraries? Is handling the received IR signal requires special app/compile my own IR receiver service?


  • Hi..according to me the transmitter connect VCC to 5V (say pin 4) and ground to ground (say pin 6). Connect output to any GPIO (say pin 7 which is GPIO 4).Try powering the receiver from 3.3V (say pin 1) and ground (say pin 6 or pin 9). If you power from 3.3V you can connect to any spare GPIO (say pin 11 which is GPIO 17). If the receiver doesn't work at 3.3V you'll need to power from 5V (say pin 2) AND use some form of voltage divider to cut the the 5V output to a Pi safe 3V3.

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