New Guy, some issues.

Hi, I'm new to all this stuff, and trying to come to terms with it.

I have the latest RPi with the official RPi touchscreen, have installed and activated the latest Emteria.
Eventually it will be the basis of an in car entertainment/navigation system.

I have 2 main issues,
First is that the screen "blanks" after 5-6 seconds, I've turned off screen lock and screensaver, but it still blanks.
Frustrating, as the when trying to navigate the (already fairly "laggy") menu system (eg settings) the screen will blank before the menu options appear.
Is there any way of turning this off?

Second is the bluetooth issue, I understand that it's a problem with the latest RPi, but I cannot consider "downgrading" to an earlier RPi, as it would be far too slow.
I'm happy to wait for a solution, and in the meantime I thought I could use a 3rd party bluetooth USB dongle, but no, even that refuses to activate.
Any hints?



  • Please note, the screen blanking issue does not happen while in an app, only on the Emteria home screens

  • the repsonse is underwhelming

  • As no answers are forthcoming, I reverted to an earlier RPi, with a bluetooth dongle, and all seems fine. Even the screen blanking issue has gone.
    But as I failed to trawl through the forums to find out that you can't re-use the activation on a new install unless you deactivate it from the original installation, I now can't re-use the activation key.

    Maybe the activation usage, and the problems with bluetooth and the latest RPi need to be made a bit clearer on the main web page or at least the knowledge base.

    So I have a working version, it's quite good, except distractingly slow on the older RPi (waiting 5 to 10 seconds after a menu selection). I realise that's a hardware issue and beyond Emteria's capability to fix.

  • @eh_wot, sorry I must have missed your thread here as it was pushed to the next page. Please check your inbox, I hope it can help you await the next release for B+ :wink:

  • Thanks, I'll give it a go

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