"binder: 139:139 transaction failed 29189, size 0-0"

Hey guys. Im not too code savy. Slowly tryung to get into it, but i have no idea what this hang up means. The system seemed to work fine for months. I downloaded a new launcher, and a couple days later, on load, it scrawls that over and over. Any ideas? Id greatly appretiate any feedback, thanks.


  • Hi Aperturelab,
    could you please elucidate the problem more detailed? When exactly does the system hangs up? Please add system logs, so we can analyze and understand the issue precisely.

  • Where could i find the system logs? I opened the sd on my computer and cant find a folder for that
  • There's a topic in the help kb:

    In the past in /data/misc/logd/ I saw some system-#.txt and logcat.00# files but I don't know how those relate to the Submit Bugreport above.

  • on that topic, it mentions Settings > Emteria > Submit bug report. I'm assuming that's referring to within Emteria's settings app. Unfortunately, my OS wont load past the initial loading screen of white text on black background. I also cannot find data/misc/logd.

  • We have removed /data/misc/logs as they can slowdown the IO access to the sdcard. Usually you don't want the system to continuously write system logs and wear down the storage.

    @Aperturelab, maybe your sdcard is broken? Its difficult to tell without hardware access. The Binder error you have mentioned in the title can be caused by many different problems including bad sectors on the data storage.

  • Ive formated and re-wrote thr os for this sd card numerous times. Perhaps its been worked too much, and has some residual damage from the formating. Ill get a new sd card, add and change things to my preference and see if the problem re-occers. Thank you all for your time and suggestions.
    Shall i report back to this post if problem persists?

  • Yes, sure.

  • ive used my Pi for numerous months and havent had issues. it seems there was a conflict between how the OS booted, and a specific application that changed the launcher and User Interface. If i remember correctly, it was called ADW Launcher. Im currently using Nova Launcher, running smooth.

  • Awesome, thanks for reporting!

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