OpenROV Trident Cockpit app video not displayed

The OpenROV Trident Cockpit App on emteria on a RPi3B doesn't display the live Pilot video stream.

The Trident App saved the video to Trident.mp4.
I used ffmpeg on a Win10 PC to get Trident.h264

ffmpeg -i Trident.mp4 -an -vcodec libx264 -crf 23 Trident.h264

Both files display OK in VLC on a Win10 PC.
Both files display OK in omxplayer running in Raspbian Pixel on a RPi3B ( same HW emteria running on ).

On emteria, from File Manager, theTrident.mp4 plays OK.
On emteria, from File Manager, the Trident.h264 generates a hex dump.

I've included a GDrive link to a folder that contains :

Trident.mp4 The Trident Pilot video stream saved on the emteria RPi3B.
Trident.h264 ffmpeg demux of Trident.mp4 to h264
Cockpit-8-29-18-4.log adb logcat from the Trident Cockpit App running on emteria with no video displayed. Note the OMX references.


  • Probably we don't have the required codecs included for h264. Is it a commercial project you are working on?

  • @kalkov - It was a successful Kickstarter and they are continuing to take orders for the Trident beyond the Kickstarter. I was just a backer.

    I'm not sure if using ffmpeg to get the h264 from the recorded mp4 will give the actual streamed data that would be useful for testing. Would more detail of how they're encoding be useful?

    Since sun glare on the phone / tablet / game controller displays is a problem, many users recommend using FPV glasses / goggles. The RPi with the HDMI out seems like a nice fit.

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