Hdmi not supported

While I was configuring my raspberry pi I was using a small monitor with the pi hooked up via an hdmi to dvi adapter, the main goal once completed was to have it run on my tv via hdmi. Since my tv didn’t like the hdmi connection I changed the resolution in the settings that are in the android settings using my small monitor. When I changed the settings and rebooted the pi it doesn’t work on any of the screens I have.
I did try over riding by modifying the config file but no luck not even with the first screen I used that did work.
Is there anything I’m missing or better yet when you change the screen resolution in emteria itself under the settings where does it write it to so i can go in and change it back?


  • reset Emetria OS

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    Your license should be fine. Btw don't forget to have everything plugged in so Emetria.OS Detects it.

  • Before changing the resolution you have to be sure it is supported by your screen. There is no way back, sorry.

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