Want to know about emteria and rpi


I want to to know how emteria performs on rpi 3 model b. Actually i want to run some applications like soundcloud youtube google maps and few like this. And if somebody knows which 7 inch touchscreen is better 800x480 or 1024x600 in terms of performance and if i opt for 800x480 hows the display quality? And the last thing can we add a power shutdown button using gpio pins?



  • I don't know about the quality, but lower resolution will require less GPU memory and give you a slightly higher performance.

    For GPIO shutdown please see this thread: https://forum.emteria.com/discussion/comment/1302/#Comment_1302

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    Thanks. Btw can you make it default in software that adding a button becomes easier like just connecting button to gpio pins and nothing else is required.
    Hope you can do something.

  • @kalkov Some more questions :smiley:

    What is the power consumption of rpi while running emteria os and sitting idle and no devices attached even display is off? (approx measurements)

    Last thing can we just unplug the cord to power it off i read somewhere that pulling cord while running android doesnt corrupt sdcard is this true?

    How time does emteria os take to boot?

  • We don't have any estimations of power consumption yet. The boot time should be around 40-50 secs.

    I am always unplugging the power cable on our devices without shutting it down first. In the last 7 years we only threw away a couple of sdcards.

  • Thanks that really helped me

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