rpi3-v0.2.1 not booting with windows installer

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Hello everyone,
I want to test Emteria OS and flashing SDCard with latest intaller works but PI never boot (green LED never blinks).
Tested on Raspberry 3B with 8GB SDCard and a new 16GB SDCard.
Tested also to remove downloaded images from cache in case a file corrupts while downloading.
Tried Linux installer but seems not to work in CLI, it stops on "No display found".
Does anyone experience the same thing ?


  • I tried the windows installer and it didn't work with some sdcards. Use something like MiniTool Partition Wizard for Windows or gparted for linux: erase all partitions, create fat32 partition then use the installer, that worked for me.

  • Thanks for your feedback !
    I'll try again with another partitionning tool
    I'm using SD Formatter for windows to overwrite partition table and create single fat32 partition. I've tried with a new empty card never formatted before and it fails.
    Keep you posted if I succeed :)

  • Hi Chabu,
    We had one similar case, where there was nothing written after the flash process. The only fix we found was to use another sdcard adapter. Which one are you using? We are still not sure why this is happening.

  • Thanks, it works with my embedded laptop cardreader !!
    RPI boots, update install finishes then few seconds later it reset and then it loop-reset ...
    Any idea ?
    (tested with 2 SDcards)

  • What display are you using? Official rpi touchscreen? HDMI monitor?

  • HDMI Monitor with usb kbd/mouse

  • I had this issue. I reformated sdcard in FAT32 (quick format in Windows) and reflashed with Emteria flash tool (with same USB adapter). It worked.

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