Flash Player on Emteria OS (Raspberry Pi 3)


I'm testing Emteria OS on a Raspberry Pi 3 to use a specific business management solution (SANKHYA ERP), it runs on Flash Player via browser.

I can run this solution on the original Raspbian Stretch OS, but it's waaay too slow when I have to load any screen that uses Flash Player.

I don't know if the Raspberry is too weak to run this system, or if it's the Raspbian Stretch that's not optimized to run Flash Player. I have been testing other operating systems, but without success.

I know that Flash is old and not supported anymore on android devices. But Is there any way to make it work on Emteria OS?

If this works, my idea is to replace 20 very old windows machines with 20 Raspberry's running Emteria.


  • Please feel free to perform a test with latest emteria.OS. If it doesn't work, I don't think it is a good idea to adding support for a deprecated technology.

  • Maybe you can use something like Puffin Web Browser? This is a random app from the app store that supports flash it seems ?
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