simply mount sd card

Hi there.

I would like to edit my /boot/config.txt file. I normally use the nano command, but this doesn't work since the file system is only read able. On Emterias web page, they write; "Simply mount sd card, and edit config.txt file."

But how do i do that? I tried going into settings, storage - but without succes.

Please help :)

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  • Either via ADB or put the sdcard into a Linux PC.

  • Currently, I don't have a Linux PC. I have installed the Android Studio, but i can't figure out, how to esthablish the ADB coonnection. All the "how to setup" is based on an USB connection, and the how to make ethernet connection is pure raspberry pi(no android).

    I'm stuck. Where can i find a "how to setup ADB connection over ethernet for an android based raspberry" ?

  • I managed to set up the ADB connection via ADB. But still - all the files are read only. How do i change that?

  • I would advise to set up an Ubuntu VM and mount the SD-card in there to modify the files. If you use ADB you can mount volumes as read only or read/write. Use:

    adb shell "mount -o ro,remount /volume_name"


    adb shell "mount -o rw,remount /volume_name"

  • I am confused, I have a windows 10 machine and I put the card in the card reader and have no problem editing config.txt. why is this a problem for others?
  • Agreed, easiest way is to put it in a Windows PC if that is what you have. I tried ADB, etc, all this CLI stuff does my head in to be honest.

  • Yes well windows 10 works, sometimes you have to give a drive letter to boot , in Ubuntu it will just automatically mount. No idea if the average Emteria forum user has Linux, windows or both :)
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