Emteria connection to Arduino - running around in circles! What is best?

Hi all,
My requirement is a touchscreen app that will control an Arduino which acts as a kiln controller. I decided to use RPI as the application host due to its superior graphics (compared to Arduino).
Due to technical limitations, I've found that I can only deploy my Unity GUI app to an Android platform.
I have installed Emteria on my RPI3 and I'm quite happy with it, my app works well but now I've hit a showstopper with serial access to the Arduino.
To be clear, I have no issues with the serial connection to Arduino if I run the app from my PC in Unity. My problem starts when I transfer it to Emteria because I am confused about what needs to be done to properly enable serial support, preferably via USB.
This is generally not an issue under Linux, so I can't blame hardware. There is a lot of information out there on RPI serial BUT it's pretty much all explaining it in non-Android installations. Some seems to apply but most does not.

What I have determined so far... (right or wrong)
1/ The console uses serial port and must be disabled to free the port up.
2/ I should be trying to connect to ttyACM0, as this is the id that appears when the Arduino is connected to USB.
3/ The enable_uart flag may be important but maybe has no effect in Emteria?

I've trawled this forum and many other sources for an answer with no luck. I'd appreciate any pointers on solving this.
I'd rather not have suggestions for alternative overall solutions, there's a lot of reasons that I won't bore you with here!
Failing any serial solution I may have to look at Ethernet as another opton.

If I can get it working for its intended purpose I will have to buy a licence as I need it to run for more than 8 hours.




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