Problem with running Fritzcam App. Louncher3 is closing

I tryed today to run the Fritz cam App. but the motion stream is stopping after 3 sekonds the self sems to still work but if i close the app due to the non working webcam the whole System is going nut#s a scren is poping up with the message: Louncher3 is closed reopen the app. after that i can not use any apps anymore and have to shut the system down, after a restart the system will run but the Fritzcam app. has the same problem after start


  • now i tried the ip webcam apk it has the same behavior as the Fritzcam app. it seems that as soon as the streaming service start´s the system(streaming) will freez when i leave the app. and come right back to it the cam will start to be active show a motion pic. but shuts down with a freez pic. as the conection will establish

    is that a licining problem with the free evaluation version of Emteria ??

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    I am not sure if it is a problem caused by the fact that you are using the evaluation version.

    I guess your issue could be caused by a lack of memory. Can you try to shoot some photos instead of doing a video? So we could now if the device causes any problems.

    Maybe you also should search in the forum for some related issues. I just e.g. found this:

  • thats to bad, i was hoping it works , the problem is the apps are opening a conection via http. with a stream and if the conection is established it will stop right a way . I can not take only a picture i dont have the option

  • What screen resolution do you use?

  • @kalkov thanks for your answer, the problem with the app. is that i can't change the resolution in the app. it self . I think the app is requesting the max resolution over the system it self. I tryed different apps. till now and all have the same behavior

  • The wyzecam app works well, even the beta version installed from the google play store. You’ll want to enable force_turbo=1 and gpu_mem=256 in the config.txt file under boot to reduce freezes.
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