How can I make Emteria work with my official 7 inch Raspberry touch screen?

It boots and does everything fine when I connect the raspberry to a monitor via a hdmi cable but it wont show anything on the 7" screen connected with a flex cable, that is supposed to be used with this display. Thanks for any answers.


  • did you also conect the power (5V)from the raspberry board to the Diasplay board

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    Yeah, I tried with Raspbian before, so I know that it works

  • It definitely should work, as that is what I have on mine. Touchscreen worked perfectly with no adjustments needed. I did have an issue at first though, because when I opened the case to swap SD cards I managed to pull off one of the four jumper cables that go to GPIO. Easily done, so worth checking them again.

  • I have two alternatives to what made it so that it didnt work. 1. The dsi cable wasnt properly placed. 2. Something wrong with the flash of the sd card. It works now at least, I hope it stays that way.

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