Emteria on raspberry pi 3B with official 7 "touchscreen and hdmi monitor

Hello everyone, I have a 3B raspberry with a touch screen 7 "official dsi connected and an external monitor connected to hdmi. When i boot the operating system i see it on the external screen but not on the touch screen there is no way to be able to see on both screens the same image (duplicate screen type)?


  • I don't know a way to do so. Since both devices have different supported resolution modes, I can imagine it to be quite a challenge. But please let us know if you find a way and we will be glad to include it in our releases by default.

  • so can i use the touch screen screen but not the external one as a secondary (view only)?

  • if I only use the touch screen as I can change the resolution so I can see the screen? or does it fit automatically?

  • I tried a pi official 7" touch screen. The touch works fine. But the pi doesn'tseem to support a HDMI and the 7" at the same time. Even on a regular Raspbian.

  • Rich i am running into the same problem except i have sound on my external and no picture. The touchscreen(official) works with sound, but not my t.v connected by hdmi. I see this post is a few months old, but was wondering if anything has changed.

  • The RPi3 barely has the memory and performance to drive one 720p display properly, so having to render for two simultaneously is simply outside of its performance envelope. For this reason you won't see external display support in emteria.OS.

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