Video Streaming with RPi Camera

I am running the camera2 sample from website( After debugging I saw that the app doesn't recognize the camera (in this case it is saying that the arrays of cameras are empty). Do I miss something? Maybe I need to do some configurations?


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    Right now, the camera is only available through the Broadcom userland tools (raspicam). There is no Android Camera HAL implementation, so Android thinks it is not there. It is still possible to interact with raspicam through an app, we have a sample for this:

    There are some current efforts to integrate a driver for the VideoCore camera interface into Linux. Once these land, we will look at getting an Android Camera HAL implementation working.


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    I have tried this sample too. But my main purpose is to run my own app which is supposed to connect to camera and record a video. As I understood from your answer currently it is not possible?

  • It is not possible through the normal Android Camera APIs, only through the external raspicam. Which can take videos, too, it's just not admittedly a very good fit for streaming applications.

  • Has there been progress on adding the Android Camera HAL?

  • Camera HAL is integrated, but the video recording/streaming requires additional encoding, which we didn't finish.

  • I need record video with camera usb but error " Unable: this device not record video suport"
    help me

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