Android Nougat/Oreo References

Looks like other repos have been updated to use Oreo and others. Just sharing in case you wanted to reference some of them to build out addtl support for other hardware.


  • Thanks, @kknott. I know Peter Yoon and his repositories, as I was working with him in the past, during the RTAndroid project. Yes, we could simply copy his work (and work of many others) and present it as our own, but this is not what emteria is about. I have already mentioned in the past, that we have a Android 9 build. It isn't very stable due to some graphics issues and we are still working on them.

  • An Android 9 build sounds promising. @kalkov Is there a place I can read about updates on that project?
  • @BasicItStuff, unfortunately not until we have the first (reasonably stable) release. It will be announced at

  • Thank you for the info, I think what you’ve done with Emteria is fantastic. It runs flawlessly on my 3b+ with the exception of HDMI audio being very choppy.

    I think I’ll need to play with the settings a bit, I believe you’ve covered most audio issues with pwm_audio_on=2 but I was going to try the dither setting as well.

    One other issue is that the OS crashes if left too long, I haven’t been able to capture a logcat yet but when I leave the wyzecam app running it reboots the OS eventually. Could be some kind of memory leak in the app or the OS I’m not quite sure which since it’s a beta app.

    Either way, keep up the good work we’re all looking forward to what you and your team will be releasing next!!
  • One other issue is that the OS crashes if left too long

    Would be great to get the logcat. This shouldn't happen.

  • I'm working on getting the logs for you, will reply shortly

  • @kknott, since this is not related to the original topic, and might be related to freezes (see, please post your observations there or start a new discussion.

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