Are there any strategy games and or action games that work well on Emteria ? So far I get errors telling me I need the Google play service and or the game crashing.


  • We are preparing microG integration ( Maybe it helps.

  • Thanks. Extra thanks because you probably made Emteria for a more business / commercial kind of costumer and here I am, asking what games run well :wink:
  • Well, microG might be very useful for both worlds. So, you are very welcome ;)

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    Hi Igor,
    It has been 7 months since you mentioned microG here
    It will be awesome if i can get rid of that app's annoying message after microG integration. :)

  • Just found something that looks like Doom :smiley: and tux on a cart :smiley: I am happy for now :smiley:
  • @roxette, thanks for the reminder. MicroG require signature spoofing, which might be dangerous for most of the users. We had to integrate an additional security layer first (giving users the possibility to allow or disallow it via settings). It is finished for about 2 weeks now, so I hope we can release this feature with the next update.

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    Well, according to microG link
    Even though there are some custom ROMs which are patched to support signature spoofing out of the box, you still need to allow it in developer settings.
    Except LineageOS because it's bundled with microG.

    The funny thing is i installed signature spoofing checker app as suggested at the bottom of the page thinking i can alter it somehow however the result was "signature spoofing: disabled"
    That's it? well ... thanks for the info anyway :smiley:

  • @roxette, enabling it in the settings is exactly what we did. You can test it in the latest release 0.6.1. After that, the screen of your checking application should turn green.

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    @kalkov, you're right.
    I assume it will look like the above screenshots (taken from haystack signature spoofing patcher)
    I need to make a backup of my contacts, pictures ...etc before updating to v 0.6.1.
    Bdw: is it possible to add a snapshot option in the upcoming versions?

  • What kind of snapshot do you mean?

  • @kalkov said:
    What kind of snapshot do you mean?

    Same as creating a system restore point in windows.

  • @roxette , just curious. You have contacts and photos on your setup? What do you use this for , daily driver? and what type of screen are you using?
  • @BasicItStuff, Contacts is needed for applications like Whatsapp, Viber, ICQ .... etc.
    Otherwise you will have no contact list.
    Actually, i need to backup my pictures & my contact list pictures and other files they shared with me like videos or whatever.
    I'm using my computer HDMI screen.

  • By the way, regarding your topic, search for Retroarch.
    I have it as an add-on repository for LibreELEC, i dunno if it will work properly under Emteria or not.

  • Our recovery provides backup & restore functionality, but it may be a really good idea to add an additional interface in Android itself.

  • @kalkov, i'm aware that we can perform a backup in TWRP however the created backup will not include any files in /data/media folder hence photos or any other files in the internal storage will be excluded.

    I think there are some trick to bypass that restriction but not everybody aware of it.

    I hope you can implement a backup and restore function in the upcoming releases to solve that issue.

  • Does TWRP support USB OTG only?
    I can't backup or restore from an external USB stick.

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