Android will not load on my RPi3B v1.2 if I have the sense hat installed (Works with Raspbian)

Android will not load if I have the sense hat installed It gets as far as loading kernel then hangs
(Works fine without the sense hat) (Works fine with the sense hat and Raspbian)

Also I have a 5 inch HDMI LCD (B) waveshare touch screen attached and the touch screen function is not working but the display is fine.

Any suggestions?



  • Como has podido instalar en la misma MicroSD raspbian y emteria?? Me interesa. Gracias.

  • I changed the Micro sd from the Android one to the Linux one to check the hardware itself was not faulty. When I did this the Sense hat worked fine. Changing the micro sd back to android and made the android hang if the sense hat was still installed.

  • I'm not quite sure what exactly that hat does to the pins. Can you post a link to the product description?

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