Immersive-Settings for Splitscreen

Hey there,

we're running two apps simultaneously (Spotify, HABPanelViewer) and want to hide the navigation bar on the bottom.
If we launch only one of the apps it works since we configured them to hide the navigation and status bar in the Immersive Settings. I could not find a dedicated setting for the splitscreen mode.
Is this possible? Disabling the Navigationbar via ADB is not an option because we need it to enter splitscreen mode :smile:



  • Maybe the point "Immersive Applications" in the Pricing-Table for the Personal-License has anything to do with that?

  • Hey Kruz,
    is it possible to launch both applications in the Immersive mode so to hide the navigation and status bar?

    I could not exactly understand what happens if you are in the Splitscreen. Are the bars not hidden? Do you only want to hide the navigation bar? A photo would be nice :)

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    Both Applications are set to Immersive mode. As soon as we open both in splitscreen we can't hide the navigation bar.

  • I don't think Android supports this yet.

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