How do I add a Google account? How do I control GPIO?

How do I add a Google account for Gmail, Calendar and Google Home app functions?
I have side loaded Google Home but it won't run without GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES, which I then side loaded but still no go. I now see the option to add a Google Account under Accounts but clicking on it does only freezes the Accounts page.

Also, are there any apps that will control or interface with the GPIO pins?

Also, remote by Teamviewer Host does not allow control when remotely connected.
I really need a solution I can setup and configure remotely.

Any help would be appreciated. THANKS


  • What concerns the Google apps, they will extremely slow down the system unless you use one of the more expensive SD cards (one of them was mentioned in this forum but I can't find it right now). This is because the Google Play apps use the nonvolatile memory extensively, but the read and write accesses to the SD card cost a lot of time.

  • You can add a gmail email account through accounts but you have to create a specific app password for the mail account. A warning message pops up and tells you that it’s required if you have 2 factor auth enabled.

    Not sure about the calendar though.

    I wouldn’t load google apps on my distro it would make it nearly unusable. I can find almost everything i need in the yalp store
  • DO NOT INSTALL Google Play Services ----- you will regret it.

  • For remote control you can use builtin VNC server.

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    Micros SD cards of category A1 and A2 are meant for applications requiring high speed random read/writes.

    I think @kalkov, if possible please test the system with these cards so that if it improves performance a lot then they can be recommended to be used with emteria, I feel.

    One can download apps through yalp but many of them use google play services.

    Just a opinion.
  • FYI -- This one works and boy is it fast !!!

    SanDisk Extreme 32GB microSDHC UHS-3 A1 Card - SDSQXAF-032G-GN6MA

  • @sgrayban so with A1 category card google play services works as expected ? At least no freezes/crashes ?

    A2 has higher specs than A1. just saw them on SD card association's website.
  • I don't use gapps.

  • But as far as stability it seems to be a lot better then a U1

  • @sgrayban @kalkov

    1. I installed a android app to watch movies,shows etc. (main purpose to install emteria os on RPI). Some media are playing, some not (just a spinning circle)... The same app works fine on mobile.

    Any idea what could be wrong ? is it google play services (installed through yalp. It uses google play services as mentioned in its description) ??

    2. another way of using is to cast mobile screen to emteria but not able to find good Miracast sink app for emteria.
  • Google Apps will ruin your PI.

    Second try search the forum because both questions have been asked and answered.

  • I think the answer lies in installing "microG components" to replace Google Play services. Signature spoofing exists in emteria 0.6.1. So need to test microG on emteria os with apps (requiring google play services).

    has anyone tested. ?

  • MicroG is a little bit off-topic here. Please open a new discussion for this.
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